Vintage Sports Autographs

Stars of the Past

Barry Asher  (1946-    )

Bowler [PBA Hall of Fame 1988, American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame 1998]



Barry Asher autographed this 1973 Alan Maver cartoon in June 2011.

See TV film clip of 1970 Firestone Tournament of Champions match of Jim Stefanich vs. Barry Asher.

Loa Boxberger  (1939-    )

Bowler  [USBC Queens 1978, United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame 1984]




Loa Boxberger autographed this 1974 Alan Maver cartoon in July 2011.  Noticing that I lived in Utah, she mentioned that she was named for the small southern Utah town of Loa.  It is known for having a cafe that serves pickle pie.

Ed Lubanski  (1929-2010)

Bowler [American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame 1971]



Ed Lubanski autographed this 1959 Alan Maver cartoon in April 2010.  He died seven months later.

Watch him bowling on this video clip.

Judy Soutar  (1944-    )

Bowler [Bowling Writers Association Female Bowler of the Year 1973, 1975U. S. Bowling Congress Hall of Fame 1976, Professional Wowmen's Bowling Association Hall of Fame 1987]

When I was on the ladies' tour in the '60s, I would go to tournaments with three balls - one for oily lane conditions, one for dry lane conditions, and a spare ball. You have to learn the ups-and-downs of competition and just put it behind you, and I was always able to do that.  Sometimes it was no fun, but I had more ups than downs in my career.

       Judy Cook Soutar



Judy Soutar autographed these 1974 and 1976 Alan Maver cartoons in December 2010.

See a video clip of Judy Soutar in 1979 "The Great and Greatest Finals."

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