Vintage Sports Autographs

Stars of the Past

Earl Clark 

Diving —  [International Swimming Hall of Fame 1972]


Earl Clark autographed this 1941 Jack Sords cartoon.

During his senior year at Ohio State (1941), Earl established a fantastic record by capturing every available U.S. diving title: Big Ten, National Collegiate and National AAU--springboard and platform--indoor and outdoor, the only diver in history to do so. Altogether Clark garnered a total of 12 major titles. He was National AAU 10 meter platform king for three years (1939-40-41).

Watch an old 1941 newsreel clip of Clark diving from a springboard in slow motion.

Craig Lincoln  (1950-    )

Diving — 1971 Pan American Games: Silver Medal, 1972 Olympic Games: Bronze Medal Spring Board




Craig Lincoln autographed this 1972 Alan Maver cartoon in March 2011. 

Pat McCormick (1930-    )

Diving — 1952 Olympic Games: Gold Medal Spring Board, Gold Medal Platform; 1956 Olympic Games: Gold Medal Spring Board, Gold Medal Platform   [James E. Sullivan Memorial Award 1956, International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame 1984, International Swimming Hall of Fame 1965]

I don't know why, but I just loved to swim.  My mother used to read tea leaves so she could get me a dollar to take the old Red Line trolley car to meets and downtown to the athletic club.  I remember riding that trolley and being so hungry I could cry, but not having any money for food. I remember, when I was in little meets, my brother used to go along and give pennies to some of the kids in the stands to clap for me.  That first Olympics, just going, is like your first kiss.  I was so young. I remember Sammy Lee sitting around the deck with me, and guys like Bob Mathias and even Jesse Owens would come by and sit around.  I really didn't understand what was going on, but it was right after the Russians Soviet Union got good, and we were neck and neck with them in the medals race. So Sammy and the guys would talk to me and calm me down and tell me, “Don't worry, Patsy, you'll do fine.” I was so naive, I had no idea what was going on.  If the first time [getting a gold medal] was like your first kiss the fourth time was a sign that I could proceed with my life. I could finish school, be a wife.
    Pat McCormick



Pat McCormick autographed this 1957 Tom Paprocki cartoon. I also have a 1956 Bill Pevear cartoon. 

Dorothy Poynton Hill Teuber  (1915-1995)

Diving—Olympic Games: (1928) Spring Board—Silver Medal; (1932) 33' Tower—Gold Medal; (1936) 33' Tower—Gold Medal, Spring Board—Bronze Medal  [International Swimming Hall of Fame 1968]



Dorothy Poynton Hill Teuber autographed this 1934 Jack Sords cartoon.  I also have a 1932 Jack Sords cartoon.

Watch a video clip of Dorothy Hill doing a back flip in slow motion in 1936.

Anne K. Ross Fairbanks (1923-2009)

1941-1944 1m springboard, 1943-1944 3m springboard; Outdoor: 1942-1944 10' springboard); First woman to execute: 2½ Somersault Pike in competition, an Inward 1½ Somersault Pike and the Reverse Dive, ½ Twist, forward 1½ Somersault Tuck  [International Swimming Hall of Fame 1984]



Anne Ross Fairbanks autographed this 1945 Jack Sords cartoon.