Vintage Sports Autographs

Stars of the Past

Bill Cowley  (1912-1993)

Center—St. Louis Eagles 1934-35, Boston Bruins 1935-47   [Hart Trophy 1940-41,1942-43, Art Ross Trophy 1940-41, Hockey Hall of Fame 1968]

I never played on the same team as Bill, but I played against him and was astounded by his skills. He was one of the purest athletes I've ever met.
    Bill Touhey



Bill Cowley autographed this 1944 Jack Sords cartoon.

He is buried in Norway Bay Anglican Cemetery, Bristol, Quebec, Canada

"Sugar Jim" Henry (1920-2004)

Goaltender — New York Rangers 1941-42, 1945-48, Chicago Black Hawks 1948-49, Boston Bruins 1951-55



"Sugar Jim" Henry autographed this 1941 Tom Paprocki cartoon.

He was cremated.

Bronco Horvath  (1930-    )

Center — New York Rangers 1955-57, 1962-63, Montreal Canadiens 1956-57, Boston Bruins 1957-61, Chicago Black Hawks 1961-62, Toronto Maple Leafs 1962-63, Minnesota North Stars 1967-68  [NHL Goal Leader 1960]


Bronco Horvath autographed this 1959 cartoon in January 2011.

Ed Johnston (1935-    )

Goalie—Boston Bruins 1962-73, Toronto Maple Leafs 1973-74, St. Louis Blues 1974-78, Chicago Black Hawks 1977-78; Coach—Chicago Black Hawks 1979-80, Pittsburgh Penguins 1980-83,1993-97



Ed Johnston autographed this 1966 Phil Bissell cartoon in April 2011.  I sent him an extra to keep for himself, but he signed it also and returned it to me.

John Mayasich  (1933-     )

Center—Olympic Games: Silver Medal 1956, Gold Medal 1960    [Hockey Hall of Fame 1976]


 John Mayasich autographed this 1955 Murray Olderman cartoon and a couple of 3x5 cards on November 10, 2015.

Ted Lindsay  (1925-2019)

Left Wing—Detroit Red Wings 1944-57, 1964-65, Chicago Black Hawks 1957-60   [1068/133 regular season/playoffs games played, 379/47 regular season/playoffs goals, 851/96 regular season/playoffs points; Art Ross Trophy 1950, Hockey Hall of Fame 1966]

I had the idea that I should beat up every player I tangled with and nothing ever convinced me it wasn't a good idea.

     Ted Lindsay




Ted Lindsay autographed this 1950 Alan Maver cartoon in December 2009. He also sent me the signed biographical brochure.

Watch a video clip documenting the career of "Terrible Ted" Lindsay.

Murray Murdoch  (1904-2001)

Left Wing—New York Rangers 1926-37   [67 goals, 112 assists, 179 points]

I had one shoulder injury in the last game of the season one year.  It bothered me all during that summer.  If it had been in the middle of the season, I wouldn't have been able to play.  Then you get a few teeth knocked out and things like that.  That never stopped you.  We only carried so many men. You had to play.
    Murray Murdoch


Murray Murdoch autographed this 1935 Jack Sords cartoon.

Watch a video clip of Murdoch in 2000 reflecting on his hockey memories.

Bob Pulford  (1936-    )

Forward—Toronto Maple Leafs 1956-70, Los Angeles Kings 1970-72  [Hockey Hall of Fame 1991]

Pulford is one of my private headaches because he has to be classed as one of hockey's greatest forecheckers. There's a deep knowledge of the game in his forechecking, hook, poke check, strength of arms, quickness, the whole bundle of wax.

        Gordie Howe



Bob Pulford autographed this 1966 Phil Bissell cartoon in April 2011.

Watch a video clip of an overview of Pulford's hockey career.  Watch a video clip of Garry Monahan getting in a tussle with Pulford; both were penalized for fighting.

Bill Quackenbush  (1922-1999)

Defenseman—Detroit Red Wings 1942-49, Boston Bruins 1949-56   [Lady Byng Trophy 1948-49, Hockey Hall of Fame 1976]



Bill Quackenbush autographed this 1943 Jack Sords cartoon.

Maurice "Rocket" Richard  (1921-2000)

Right Wing—Montreal Canadians 1942-60   [Hockey Hall of Fame 1961]


Maurice Richard sent me these two autographed postcards. 

Watch a video clip of footage and stills of Richard.

See his grave in Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Milt Schmidt  (1918-  )

Center—Boston Bruins 1936-42,1945-55   [346 assists, 575 points, 776 games, Hart Trophy 1950-51, Art Ross Trophy 1939-40, Hockey Hall of Fame 1961]

Guys were shooting; I'd work on something different.  For 10-15 minutes, I'd work on the element of surprise, like sticking a toe in the ice and pushing off and leaving them in the dust.   The things we used to do, everything has been proven wrong.  Before a game, I used to eat a sirloin steak and baked potato and ice cream. The steak was the wrong thing to eat. During games they didn't allow you to drink water on the bench and [coach Art] Ross didn't believe you should lift weights. He thought you used different muscles.
    Milt Schmidt



Milt Schmidt autographed this 1949 Tom Paprocki cartoon.

Watch a video clip focusing on Schmidt's career including an interview.